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This area of the site contains details of some wrecks along the coast of our region, and in other regions where our clubs are likely to travel. Few of these are mine, so I cannot guarantee their accuracy. I have used the following internet sites to acquire the data that is contained here, so many thanks to them.

Naturally, I would be interested to include additional wrecks, (I'm very short on the Kent area!) and have co-ordinates verified. Please contact me at webmaster if you have anything to add.

I've recently found a quite impressive wreck site at The Wrecksite. It covers a much wider area than the lists below do, and has a very sophisticated mapping system. We provide links to it at a detailed level.

If you have older co-ordinates in DD MM SS format, then try our (rather rough) OSGB36 calculator (we're working on it!).

The Co-ordinate Areas

Click on one of the areas below to see a list of Wrecks

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