City of Brisbane

 Field  Value
 Short Name  City of Brisbane
 Lat/Long 1  50 44.500 N  000 00.700 E
 Lat/Long 2  50 44.565 N  000 00.683 E
 Lat/Long 3  50 44.543 N  000 00.655 E
 Lat/Long 4  50 44.586 N  000 00.738 E
 Lat/Long 5  50 44.580 N  000 00.950 E
 Tonnage  7094
 Built  1918
 Sunk  1918
 Depth  20
 Height  10
 Details  Stern broken up but rest of wreck fairly complete
 Reference  HR/25 013702750,SSp6,DS214,SAB97
 Source  Sussex Diving Club
 Notes  Lat/long data is accurate to 0.10 of a degree. Sussex Diving Club can provide accurate GPS references on a reciprocal basis.
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 Additional 1  06.0 nm bearing 131T from BRIGHTON
 Additional 2  02.7 nm bearing 221T from NEWHAVEN
 Region  1 - North Foreland to Greenwich Meridian
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