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7 day predictions

The following links represent printable 7 day Predictions from EasyTide. If you require a forecast for less than 7 days, or a port not listed below, then follow the link above to the EasyTide pages on the Hydrographic Office web site. Please carefully read the notes at the bottom of the Easytide page displayed by following any of the links below.

Longer-term planning

If you require a longer time period for future planning purposes, then here are some tidal range plots for the years

This will allow you to roughly spot the good neaps (low tidal range) and bad springs (high tidal range).

If you require more detailed information, such as the actual tide times for your future expeditions, then we can thoroughly recommend the Belfield Tide Plotter software, which can be ordered from the BSAC Mailshop. The standard version covers the year ahead, and a three year version can be ordered from the Tideplotter Website.

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