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It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • instructors & candidates are all current BSAC members to ensure adequate public liability insurance is in place
  • the specified BSAC syllabus for the course is followed
  • the facilities and equipment specified in the syllabus are provided
  • all instructors are up-to-date in relevant theory knowledge and in current practice at relevant skills
  • where necessary instructors hold approved instructor status. This applies to the following:
    • First Aid for Divers
    • Rescue First Aid
    • Boat Handling
    • Diver Coxswain Award
    • Nitrox Diver
    • Advanced Nitrox Diver
    • Combined Nitrox
    • Extended Range Diving
    • Full Face Masks
    • Marine Life Identification
    • Marine Biology
    • Marine Oceanography
    • Underwater Photography
    • Disability Awareness Course
  • the correct ratios of students to instructors and, where relevant, assistant to approved instructors are observed
  • each candidate has their own personal course pack at the time of attending the event


As early as possible

You should book the venue, or check it is booked, and arrange for any extra equipment needed.

3 weeks before the event

Candidates will book courses through the web site and the SDCO.

You should contact the Regional SDC Organiser (Jan Harrington-Brown), or view the Event Summary (see below) section of the web site, and find out the expected number of students on the course. In the case that there are not enough students to make the course worthwhile, then the course may have to be cancelled following discussion with the Regional Coach.

You can get a printable course overview from the Event Summary page on this site.

You should contact the Regional Coach and confirm that you have the latest instructor information / slides and instructor notes (where applicable) for the course. The Regional Coach, if required, can email these to you. You will also need to agree with the Regional Coach how and when any regional equipment required will be collected and returned.

When students book onto a course they will receive an automatic confirmation email that will indicate the specific equipment required. Contact the Regional Coach for a copy of the email they will have been sent.

Standard venues may have directions preset into the web site and these will be automatically inserted into the system generated emails to candidates instigated by the SDCO. Please check that the correct venue is shown on the web site. You will also need to confirm with the SDCO or the Regional Coach that directions already exist in the system. If they don't then they will need to be created and should if possible include a link to a web site map.

You must contact each of the course instructors, verifying their availability, and discussing the allocation of theory and practical lessons. Instructors who have committed to a course and subsequently can not attend should be expected to find replacements for themselves, however as course boss the responsibility lies with you. Contact the Regional Coach for assistance as required.

You should also write the specific joining instructions, and forward these to the Regional SDCO. The instructions should contain:

  • The time the event starts, and the estimated end time.
  • A list of equipment that the student is required to bring -
        Refer to SDC Student Requirements (PDF 111K).

Typical information is available for many courses that will assist greatly with this task. Contact the Regional Coach for assistance.

2 weeks before the event

If, 2 weeks before the event, the number of students has not reached the minimum for the course, then the course will be cancelled and the students will be automatically booked on the next course or fees refunded. Otherwise .....

The Regional SDCO will send out the joining instructions to the students and request the correct number of student packs from HQ. Please ensure that your address details are correct on the regional web site as this is the address that the packs will be sent to. If you would rather they were sent to another address (they may well be too big to fit through a letter box) please contact the SDCO.

You should forward a set of the joining instructions to the course instructors, (or ask the SDCO to do this), along with any additional details, such as confirmation of allocation of theory and practical lectures. You should request that instructors meet before the course start time for a briefing and to set up the facilities.

If payment has still not been received 2 weeks before the event then you become responsible for ensuring payment has been received from all who attend the course. This could be by accepting cheques on the day, but please remember we donít want to turn anyone away so a quick phone call to remind would be wise.

1 week before the event

You should prepare visual aids as necessary.

Print copies of expense forms for any instructor that is unable to submit expenses on line (e.g. not registered on the web site, or who will need to include receipts with their form).

Print a copy of the Event Summary Sheet.

Print a copy of the End of Course Questionnaire (DOC 92K) for each student.

1 day before the event

You should do any necessary shopping for refreshments for the course (and your own lunch!)

You may wish to confirm with all instructors that they are aware of the meet time and location.

On the day

Direction signs for the event should be erected as necessary. You can downloaded some example Direction Signs.

Meet and brief the instructors and observers on the particulars of the day.

You must ensure the "Register" is taken. Use the tick boxes on the Event Summary Sheet to record those who have attended the event.

You must ensure that all students have correctly completed the course report form sent with the student packs.

You must ensure that all instructors have completed the course report form sent with the student packs.

You must collect outstanding fees from your students, and check any missing information, as shown on the Event Summary Sheet.

You must hand out, and collect the End of Course Questionnaire - one for each student.

You must ensure that all instructors have completed an expense form if they cannot do so online.

At the end of the event

You should hold a debriefing meeting with the instructors and discuss what went well, and what needed improvement. Please write any points down and forward them on to the Regional Coach. In particular, instructors new to the region / observers should be given positive and constructive feedback to help them develop as regional instructors. You may wish to discuss any specific points raised on the feedback questionnaires once ALL candidates have gone.

You should also sign-off any Approved Instructor Application Forms you feel appropriate for observing instructors on your event. You should discuss any queries in this respect with the Regional Coach.

You must return all paperwork to the Treasurer, including:

  • The original invoice from BSAC HQ Mailshop for the Student Packs
  • Completed Course Registration Form (the yellow sheet)
  • Completed Event Summary Sheet, recording those who attended
  • Instructor Expense Claim Forms with receipts (if they are unable to complete online)
  • Student Expense Claim Forms with receipts (if any)
  • End of Course Questionnaires
  • Any Cheques and Cash collected, noting who they were received from
  • An invoice or receipt for any individual expense over the sum of £5.00 excluding mileage claims


Instructor Expenses

Instructors working on your event will inevitably have expenses for the day. Please have each instructor complete an expense form on line if possible. Any expenses requiring receipted proof (over £5 signle expense) must be submitted to the Treasurer directly with signed or email (see below) approval from you as course boss. Alternatively these may be sent to the Regional Coach with other course paperwork by yourself.

On line expense claims should be approved by you. When a claim is made you will receive an automated email explaining how to approve. Please contact the Treasurer with any queries.

Online expenses must be associated with an SDC Event. All other expenses must be submitted on a Regional Expense Claim Form.

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