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The BS-AC accept Closed Circuit and Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreathers in branch diving. However, what is probably not so well known, is that there is also a well-structured support system for rebreather divers and potential students.

Every region has an appointed Rebreather Coordinator!

We are available to give advice to anyone on the matter of rebreathers - whether it is a DO that suddenly has a couple of rebreathers arrive in his branch and is not quite sure about how to incorporate them into the branch diving, or a diver who is thinking about purchasing a rebreather. We are available on e-mail and phone (details at the bottom of this article). We can then chat.

Our role also involves organising the visiting of as many branches as is humanly possible to give a very educational 'Introduction to Rebreather Diving' presentation. This takes between 60 and 90 minutes, and will introduce the history of rebreathers, the BS-AC Rebreather Working Group, the basics of how rebreathers work, the incorporation of rebreathers into branch diving and touches on planning, marshalling, and incident management. You will also have a chance to look at an Inspiration.

So if you have rebreathers in your branch, think you may be having some in the near future (and this applies to most branches), or just want to know a little more about the fastest growing area in sports diving - contact us now!

We can also advise on how to arrange a branch Try-Dive.

The most comprehensive, however, is the "Rebreather Awareness Course". This will involve a Try-Dive on two different rebreathers (CCR & SCR), and a much more comprehensive look at the theory. It is a full one-day course, hosted by a BSAC branch, and staffed by BSAC rebreather instructors.

As well as these three presentations, with sufficent interest we may form a Rebreather Group. Membership would be open to all rebreather divers (and wannabes) based in the region or elsewhere.

The aims of the group might be to:

  • To offer a communication network for rebreather divers
  • To enable less experienced rebreather divers to meet and dive with more experienced users
  • To organise occasional 'rebreather only' dive trips to enable rebreather divers to take full advantage of their units' potential
  • To organise occasional social/training meetings
  • To enable feedback from rebreather divers to the NDC to assist with evaluating the use of rebreathers within branches
  • To offer BS-AC members who are contemplating purchasing rebreathers a source of information and advice
  • To offer assistance in the progressive experience build-up that newly qualified divers require

This ought to be of interest to all present and future rebreather divers: the potential student has an instant and approachable source of information; the newly qualified will have a chance to meet and dive with more experienced divers; the experienced diver will get a chance to meet others of similar experience and discuss techniques and tips.

Don't forget that to join, you don't have to actually be a rebreather diver. It is a very useful source of advice for those interested in going down this exciting route.

This page was last updated on : 01 Jun 2011

Dave Culver
Technical Diving Co-ordinator

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