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UK Information

 Sub Category   Link  Description
   Aberdeen Hyperbaric Centre  Chamber in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
   BBC Weather Pages  Information for the UK.
   Diveindex  Dive Links.
   Diveshow  Information on Birmingham and LIDS.  SCUBA-UK mailing list archives.
   E-med  Medical advice for divers on most problems
   Inspiration  Rebreather info site.
   London Boat Show  Held at Earls Court.
   London Hyperbaric Medicine Ltd  London Chamber.
   Plana Dive  Dive planning info.
   Scuba Diving Explained  Online reference book.
   Subaqua  Lots of links and addresses.
   Submerged  Info on Devon wrecks.
   UK Diving  British Diving
   UK Visibility  reports.
   UK.Rec.Scuba  Newsgroup homepage

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