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Medicine, Health, First-Aid

 Sub Category   Link  Description
   Air compressor systems Testing Interval  OSHA
   Better Hearing Institute  
   DAN  Divers Alert Network.
   Dangerous and Venomous Ocean Organisms  
   DDRC  Diving Diseases Research Centre.
   Diving and Diabetes  Precautions and history of scuba divers with diabetes
   Diving Medicine Online  Diving medical information
   Diving Medicine Online Newsletter  
   International Society of Travel Medicine  
   International Venom and Toxin Database  
 Incidents  Autopsy Protocol for Dive Accidents  
 Incidents  Man... That sure was stupid of me!  
 Incidents  Public Safety Diver Accident index  
 Incidents  Rodale's Scuba Diving Training  .. and Safety Lessons for Life
 Incidents  SCUBA Diving incidents  Including accidents and rescues
 Incidents  The Incident Pit - 8-97 Zenobia  Diver Magazine

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