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Marinelife and Conservation

 Sub Category   Link  Description
   BDMLR  British Divers Marine Life Rescue.
   CMC  Centre for Marine Conservation.
   CoralCay Conservation  International coral conservation projects.
   Darwin Foundation  Galapagos research institute.
   English Nature  
   Friends of the Earth  International conservation pressure group.
   Good Beach Guide  Produced by the MCS.
   Greenforce  International diving and conservation projects.
   Greenpeace  International conservation pressure group.
   London Aquarium  By the Thames in County Hall.
   Marine Conservation Society  All aspects of marine conservation.
   National Aquarium  Plymouth.
   Nudibranchs of the British Isles  Photos and info on all species in UK waters.
   Operation Wallacea  Marine research projects.
   Raleigh International  Coral conservation projects.
   Reefwatch  Reef conservation projects.
   Seaworld  US aquarium.
   UMBSM  University Marine Biological Station, Millport
 Environment  CETACEA  Whale and Dolphin Info
 Environment  Coral Reef Alliance  
 Environment  Environmental News Network (ENN)  
 Environment  Extinction-!- Byron Bay  Endangered Species
 Environment  Friends of the Ocean  
 Environment  Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority  
 Environment  Greenpeace International  
 Environment  Greenpeace USA  
 Environment  NOAA CORAL  
 Environment  Ocean Conservation Society  
 Environment  Red Tide Update With Graphics  
 Environment  REEF  Reef Environmental Education Foundation
 Environment  Sea Turtle Restoration Project  
 Environment  Seacology  
 Environment  Whale Conservation Institute  
 Environment  Wildlife Conservation Society  
 Fish  Marine Flatworms of the World!  
 Fish  Marine Life Learning Center Homepage  
 Fish  Richard Field's Red Sea Fish Id  New species and new photos.
 Fish  The Sea Slug Forum - Austraeolis catina  
 Scientific  Bioluminescence  The Bioluminescence Web Page
 Scientific  Bioluminescence in Krill  Bioluminescence in Krill and Other Deep Sea Creatures
 Scientific  NODC  National Oceanographic Data Center
 Sharks  Aall about Sharks  Compiled by Stephen Bilson
 Sharks  International Shark Attack File  
 Sharks  Shark Foundation  Shark photos, database, information, etc.
 Sharks  Shark Research Program  Shark Ecology, biology, conservation and research

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