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Magazines and Books

 Sub Category   Link  Description
 Books  Aquapress  Diving related books.
 Books  Oceans Enterprises  Books on Underwater Creatures
 Books  Underwater Books by Barak  Used, out-of-print Underwater Books
 Magazines  990 Magazine  UK technical diving mag.
 Magazines  Aquacorps  Selected articles from the magazine.
 Magazines  Aquanaut  Diving info, techdiver mailing list archives.
 Magazines  Asian Diver Magazine  really good website!
 Magazines  Dive Girl  Magazine.
 Magazines  Dive Girl Web Centre  
 Magazines  Dive Training Magazine  A really outstanding magazine
 Magazines  Diver Magazine  Divernet online.
 Magazines  Diver Magazine (British)  Divernet
 Magazines  DIVER magazine (Canadian)  
 Magazines  Immersed - Technical Diving  Technical diving magazine
 Magazines  New Diver Magazine  A magazine focused toward newer divers.
 Magazines  Rodale's Scuba Diving  
 Magazines  Skin Diver Magazine  The oldest scuba diving magazine
 Magazines  South Florida Dive Journal  DIR flavoured online magazine.
 Magazines  Sport Diving  PADI mag.
 Magazines  Undercurrent  Scuba Diving for Serious Divers
 Magazines  Underwater Contractor  Industry magazine.

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