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Diving Organisations

 Sub Category   Link  Description
   ADC  Association of Diving Contractors
   BSAC  The British Sub Aqua Club's web site.
   BSAC Members Section  Members section.
   BSTD  Baltic Sea Technical Divers.
   CDG  UK Cave Diving Group.
   DEMA  Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association.
   GUE  Global Underwater Explorers
   HDS  Historical Diving Society.
   IANTDUK  UK based technical training agency.
   NAPSD  National Association of Public Safety Divers
   NASDS  National Association of Scuba Diving Schools
   NOAA  Dive section.
   PBA  Professional Boatmans Association.
   RYA  Royal Yachting Association
   SAA  The Sub Aqua Association.
   SITA  Scuba Industries Trade Association.
   SSI  Scuba Schools International.
   TDI  Technical Diving International.
   UKHO  UK Hydrographic office, tidal information.
   UKSDMC  UK Sport Diving Medical Committee.
   WKPP  Deep cave diving in Wakulla spring, Florida.

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