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Dive Shops and Schools

 Sub Category   Link  Description
   3-D Diving  Greenwich.
   Arun Watersports  Littlehampton Marina.
   Comdean Diving  Midlands.
   Cornish Diving  Falmouth
   Cybaqua  Online diving resource...Cheap O2 analyser!
   Deep Blue Diving  Technical equipment, training and expeditions.
   DIS-UK  DIR training and equipment sales, Portland.
   Dive Force Marine  North Circular, London.
   Dive Leisure London  Battersea.
   Dive Optix  Prescription lenses.
   Divers Warehouse  Bradford.
   Diveventures  Littlehampton.
   EAU2  Technical training.
   European Technical Dive Centre  Scapa based technical diving.
   Farrworld  UK cave diving with Martin Farr.
   Fathoms and Blues  Portland.
   Ferry Inn  Accommodation in Stromness, Orkney.
   Fort William  Commercial training, Scotland.
   Forward Diving  Poole.
   GAS diving  DIR technical training.
   Gavin Scooters  As used by the WKPP.
   Kent Diving  Orpington.
   Mikes Waterfront Warehouse  East Grinstead
   Ocean Leisure  Embankment, London.
   Ocean Soul Watersports  Dive training with Ian Haness.
   OceanView  Dive shop in Selsey.
   Old Harbour Dive School  Ian Fuller's place, based on Portland.
   Phoenix Oceaneering  Technical Diver Training with Kevin Gurr
   Scoutscroft  Dive shop and holiday park - St Abbs.
   SDS Watersports  
   UWR  Mail order and online gear sales.
   Weymouth Scuba Centre  Based on Portland.
   Wittering Divers  Shop and RIB bookings.
 Dive Centres  Mountbatten Centre  Plymouth waterports centre.
 Online Shops  Divingshop  
 Online Shops  Scubakit  
 Online Shops  Simply Scuba  

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