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Instructor Development

Instructor Training

In order to ensure that branches are able to continue to grow and have access to a suitably highly qualified and experienced group of Instructors, we intend to implement an ongoing programme of Instructor development which will include assistance with preparation for examinations being made widely available to all Instructors.

This is not a replacement for the Instructor Training Scheme, but represents additional advice and coaching for those considering taking any one of the instructor examinations.

One of the ways we can assist with Advanced Instructor training is by giving you (as an OWI) the opportunity to teach on SDC and receive constructive feedback. Please contact the Regional Coach for further information about helping teach on Regional SDCís. Please see "SDC Instructor Approval" below.

SDC Instruction

Instructor notes and visual aids for the various SDCs can be found in a number of places.

  1. The Older "Silver" Instructor Manual
  2. The BSAC Instructors' Resource Centre

The Regional Coach also maintains a master set of instructor notes and visual aids for most SDCs, so contact him if you require further information.

SDC Instructor Approval

We need and welcome new instructors who are willing to help instruct on Regional Courses and we will develop structured plans to help existing instructors gain Approved Instructor Status for courses which require this (Rescue Skills, Boathandling & Nitrox).

For more details about Approved Instructor status please see

ITS Instructor Approval

Advanced Instructors who have attended an ITDC will need to complete the following form after each course/exam observation. If you are an Advanced Instructor you can register your interest in attending an ITDC here.

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