Branch Map

The map shows where branches are (Ordinary Branches are red, Special branches are yellow, Schools are green.)

Hold the mouse over any box to see the branch name, then click on it to go to branch details.

You can double-click on any other part of the whole map to go to a Streetmap® map of the area.

Wittering Divers RMA Sandhurst South Coast SAC Selsey Bill SAC Chichester Challenger 10 Pirbright Sub Aqua Club Charterhouse Surrey Aquanauts Woking Adv Group Woking Snorkelling Surrey University Guildford Woking Special Tuesday Diving Club Cranleigh Billingshurst King Charles Worthing Dorking SC Kingston University Dorking Adur Jnr Divers Snkl Kingston & Elmbridge Seven Seas Divers Schooner Banstead Underwater Diving Banstead Sports Centre RBI Diving Club Shoreham College Home Counties Crawley Brighton Croy-Tech Sussex Diving Club Thornton Heath Brighton Marina Croydon East Surrey Divers Sussex University Trinity School SAC M7 Diving Group East Grinstead West Wickham Edenbridge Scubafun Bromley Orpington Bexley Sevenoaks School Phoenix Divers Tunbridge Wells E.M.P.S.A.C Tonbridge School Eastbourne North West Kent Invicta Rye Divers RATSAC Maidstone Medway Woodstock Swale Mars & Minerva Simply Scuba Canterbury Kent University Sandgate Sub-Aqua Folkstone ISAC Kingsdown Dover Deal Thanet
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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

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