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Aims & Objectives

The purpose of the BSAC Coaching Scheme is to provide local support to BSAC Branches and Members. It works mainly at Branch level by providing help and advice to Branch Committees.

We do this by offering support, advice and additional training that may not be available within the Branch. In an ideal world the Coaching Scheme would seek to enable Branches to be self–sufficient but with a regionally based support team to promote diver and Instructor development.

Aims of the National Coaching Scheme

To provide within each Coaching Region a team of BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructors (NQI), all of whom are also experienced Branch Members, who can provide training; help to Branches overcome problems; provide special courses and services and in the process, endeavour to see that members have the abilities and opportunities to enjoy their chosen sport to the full.

In more specific terms, Coaching Teams should be able to:

  • Advise and assist in all matters relating to Branch formation
  • Advise and Assist in all areas of Branch Management
  • Liaise and support the Technical Department at HQ; the NDO and NDC
  • Assist in the development of BSAC Instructors within Branches and within the Region
  • Assist in improving the standards of Branch training, instruction and diving
  • Liaise with the Regional Sports Council and other Bodies
  • Generally develop the sport of Sub-Aqua Diving in the region
  • Promote the BSAC

In all these things the aim should be to help BSAC Branches in the Region to grow and become efficient and self-sufficient, but still to be one of a number of Branches within a region, working together with others for the mutual benefit of all members and for the development of the sport.


The Technical Support Manager at BSAC Headquarters will administer the Coaching Scheme in accordance with Club policy established by Officers of the BSAC and in particular, by the National Diving Officer.

Within Each Coaching Region, there is a Regional Coach who leads and directs the activities of the Area Coaches.

The Regional Coach

The Regional Coach manages the Regional Coaching Team and carries out any administration that it requires. The Regional Coach will normally hold at least a BSAC Advanced Instructor qualification, and is appointed by the Technical Support Manager and National Diving Officer.

The Area Coaches

The Area Coaches, amongst other duties, will visit branches, organise Skill Development Courses. Coaches will encourage Branch Officers and members to attend BSAC Instructor Courses and Examinations, and Regional Skill Development courses. Area Coaches will normally hold at least a BSAC Advanced Instructor qualification, and are appointed by the Regional Coach.

Skill Development Course Staff

Skill Development Course Staff organise and instruct on Skill Development Courses within the Region. They normally hold at least a BSAC Club Instructor qualification, and have Approved Instructor status or appropriate experience for the SDCs they are to staff. They are appointed by the Regional Coach on recommendations from Area Coaches.


The Regional Coaching Team operates under a set of By-laws and produces annual accounts. Meetings are held in accordance with the By-laws to appoint positions and conduct other appropriate business. Minutes of these meetings, the regional By-laws, and our accounts are available on request to the Regional Coach.

References: National Coaching Scheme - Instructions to Coaches

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