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The BSAC Coaching Scheme

The main purpose of the BSAC Coaching Scheme is to provide local support to BSAC Branches and Members. In doing this, it works mainly at Branch level by providing help and advice to Branch Committees to ensure that they run an efficient Branch.

Regional Coach

The Regional Coach is responsible for coordinating the BSAC's activities within a particular geographical region, through the management of a Team of Area Coaches and experienced Skill Development Course (SDC) Instructors.

Area Coaches

Area Coaches are experienced instructors who should be the first point of contact for the Branch. They provide the link with all BSAC activities.

HQ Support

Further support is available to Branches from the various departments at BSAC HQ: advice relating to Diving and Training from the Technical department and Membership advice from the Membership Department.


Skill Development Courses

One primary aim of the Coaching Scheme is to assist Branches to run and become self-sufficient in their ability to arrange their own Skill Development Courses, especially those required for Advanced Diver training. The Coaching Scheme additionally runs courses Regionally to meet demand and particularly where specialist equipment is required (such as Full Face mask and Rescue First Aid).

Instructor Training

The Coaching Scheme can assist with the development of Nationally Qualified Instructors (NQIs) within the Branch:

  • With advice and practical assistance in preparing for BSAC Instructor Exams.
  • Once qualified as an NQI, Branch members can be further developed to teach on Skill Development Courses
  • Instructor workshops are arranged from time to time within the Region to help update Instructors with the latest innovations and information.

Diver Training

Whilst the main aim of the Coaching Scheme is to help Branches become self-sufficient, the Coaching Scheme can be called upon to help ease the load with normal day to day diver training and can organise Regional Diver Training Courses for all qualification levels.


Branch Visits

The main method of communicating with Branches is the Branch Visit, made by the Area Coach on either a Club Night, or perhaps at a dive meeting. The aim of the visit is to identify the needs of the Branch and what assistance the Coaching Scheme can provide in achieving them. The Coaching Scheme attempts to visit every Branch during the course of the year and thereafter as often as is necessary to fulfil the needs of the Branch. If you have not had a visit or feel you need further help then PLEASE request one.


Regular contact with Area Coaches means that Branches can be kept up to date with ALL current developments within the Region and the BSAC. The Area Coaches can also advise how to complete the documentation for SDCs and other BSAC paperwork.


All Regions make regular use of Newsletters to keep members informed of activities and events within the Region as well as general BSAC information.

We are keen to develop E-mail contacts with all Branches. Area Coaches will be pleased to be given E-mail contact details.


Training and Diving Advice

Area Coaches are all experienced BSAC Instructors and have access to a wealth of information regarding training and diving - and local dive sites if relevant. They are able to provide advice on all aspects of BSAC Diver and Instructor Training and can call on further technical advice from both the Regional Coach and the Technical Department at HQ.

Branch Management

The BSAC Branch Officers' Handbook is the key reference publication for this area but Area Coaches can provide further practical advice. Additional help is also available from HQ

Financial Advice

Area Coaches can act as sources of information for the preparation of Grant Applications and should be able to advise on other Branches in the Region who have made successful Grant Applications

Conflict Resolution

Where Branches are experiencing difficulties in resolving conflict within the Branch, members of the Regional Coaching Team are available to act either as advisors or as an impartial chairman of any meetings set up to resolve the situation.


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